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The restoration project has been, and is being carried out by myself and my two local collegues Pete Lawrence and Mark Parrish, both of whom live in Selsey, very near to Patrick Moore. We started work in February 2005 and have just recently (March 2nd) re-fitted the mirror after it has been re-aluminised.

The project will be in two stages. The first stage has been to make the telescope ready in time for a star-party in mid-March 2005, when the BBC "Sky at Night" cameras will be filming.  The second stage will be a complete dismantling and full restoration process.

I have used this telescope on numerous occasions over the years, but had not seen it since the early 1980's. I remember that it performed superbly in those days and provided me with the best views I have ever enjoyed through any telescope.

Below is as picture of the telescope in its observatory, in the initial state before any work.

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