Below are some links to some web sites of other amatuer astronomers.

Pete Lawrence

Pete lives in Selsey, UK. Pete is a genius at putting a different slant on his images which are superb.
Damian Peach Extraordinary planetary images from this UK-based amateur, the best ever taken from Earth!

Mark Parrish

Another of my local chums. Mark lives in Selsey, UK. Amongst other skills, Mark is a real wizard at building telescopes, bit and pieces.

David Tyler

Dave Tyler, another British amateur, see his beautiful planetary images here:

Martin Mobberley

Renowned British amateur and author - Martin tells it like it is!

Jamie Cooper

Jamie is a talented astro and wildlife photographer

Night Sky Info

Weekly news about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics.

P-M Heden

Images from Swedish Astrophotographer P-M Heden
Philip Perkins Some more beautiful images.
Robert Gendler Extraordinary deep-sky images from this masterful American amateur. In my opinion, the best deep-sky images I have ever seen.