Jupiter Imaging Trip to Barbados - 29th Aug to 13th Sep 2009

This, my second two-week planetary imaging trip to Barbados, was a very successful campaign indeed. Only one night was lost to cloud (2nd Sept) and that was due to the close passing of Tropical Storm Erika which gave us some high winds and spectacular torrents of rain.

Jupiter reached 61 in altitude during this trip - a massive improvement of 24 from the UK and coupled with the superb Bajan seeing conditions and transparency this lead to some amazing views both through the eyepiece and on-screen whilst imaging.

On this trip, as before, I was working alongside Damian Peach who is widely regarded as the world's best planetary imager. Damian was using a Celestron C14 SCT telescope to my C11 and we both used Lumenera SkyNyx2-0M cameras and seperate RGB filters to capture the high-resolution images.

As you can see from this picture below, the nights stayed warm enough to allow for topless imaging! No, not naked as the picture might suggest, but we did joke that sometimes seeing was so good it was referred to as watching 'astro-porn'!

Below is an example of one of my images from this trip, and below that are links to other pages of images, the work of image processing is still going on at the time of wtiting (28th September 2009) so keep an eye on this page for updates.

Links to pages of images:

Six images showing CM2 : 075 to 102 on three seperate nights

Five images showing a transit of moon Io and it's shadow on 4th Sept

4th/5th Sept 2009 showing CM2 : 019 to 165 (13 images)

5th/6th Sept 2009 showing CM2 : 155 to 276 (8 images)

6th/7th Sept 2009 showing CM2 : 306 to 048 (10 images)

7th/8th Sept 2009 showing CM2 : 181 to 231 (8 images)