Jupiter from Barbados Aug/Sep 2009 - IO Transit 4th September

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This page has five images showing a transit of the moon Io and its shadow across the face of Jupiter. Additionally the Wesley Impact Scar can be clearly seen on the first three images.

There were many cloudy interruptions during this night, hence the large gaps between the images. This is typical in Barbados, where the seeing and transparency are often excellent, but the sky is rarely cloud-free. I think deep-sky imaging in Barbados would be extremely frustrating! Making this point reminds me how difficult it was during the two weeks we were there. Damian and I spent much of our time peering into the breeze looking for likely gaps in the clouds that would allow a full run of R, G and B images.

All images taken with a C11 and SkyNyx2-0M at f/37 with Astronomik type-II RGB filters. Frame rate was either 66 or 39 fps (depending on transparency). 50 seconds per channel. Images are presented with South at top and the following edge at right.

September 4th 2009
00:45 UT

CM1 = 232°
CM2 = 248°
CM3 = 352°

Alt 50°

September 4th 2009
01:06 UT

CM1 = 245°
CM2 = 261°
CM3 = 005°

Alt 54°

September 4th 2009
01:40 UT

CM1 = 266°
CM2 = 281°
CM3 = 025°

Alt 58°

September 4th 2009
02:06 UT

CM1 = 282°
CM2 = 297°
CM3 = 041°

Alt 60°

September 4th 2009
03:35 UT

CM1 = 337°
CM2 = 351°
CM3 = 095°

Alt 57°