Total Lunar Eclipse, 3rd March 2007
Beautiful clear conditions prevailed for this marvellous event. I observed it from the garden of Sir Patrick Moore's house in Selsey, West Sussex, along with several other collegues and the BBC Sky at Night team. Many other people were also in the garden celebrating this glorious sight. Notable celebrities (apart from Patrick himself) included rock legend Brian May and TV impressionist John Culshaw.
These pictures were taken with a Canon 350D DSLR camera through a 6" Vixen F/9 APO refracting telescope. I was working alongside my collegue Mark Parrish who was also using two other smaller refractors on the same Losmandy G-11 mount. More pictures to follow soon.
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Just before the eclipse started - an almost perfectly full moon! ISO 100, 1/800th sec. Mid totality - 23:22 UT. ISO 800 15 secs.
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Before totality - 21:54. ISO 200 1/200 sec. Before totality - 22:15. ISO 200 1/100 sec.