AstroPhysics AP1200 Mount setup - Click on any image to see a full size version
Here is my wonderful AP1200 QMD mounting. The AP1200 is regarded as one of the best mounts in the world, bettered only by the awesome Software Bisque Paramount.
I have to thank my friend Jim Phillips from South Carolina, USA for giving me this superb piece of world-class equipment.
The AP1200 can carry up to 65 kg (140 lbs) of telescope(s) with consummate ease.
Here we see the my Celestron C-11 and Orion ED80 telescopes mounted side by side. Also mounted is my ST80 guide scope.
Another view - the site of my under-construction observatory is visible in the background.
The QMD model of the AP1200 does not have GOTO facilities, but this can be retro-fitted - a project for the future.